We are incredibly excited to announce a new innovative project that is being launched by past intern Chris Karounos! Chris and his collaborators at the University of Michigan are currently developing a video game that takes place in the forests of the Jama-Coaque Reserve, Ecuador. The game, which is titled “Forest of the Jama-Coaque”,  is based on themes of Ecology, forest health, and productivity. The players of the game gain an understanding of key concepts in conservation such as the importance of biodiversity to ecological resilience, the difficulty of regenerating a forest to a pre-disturbance state, and the importance of habitat corridors for wildlife. The overarching objective of the game is to build ecologically sound forests and prevent illegal logging from depleting the forest.

Once officially launched, the purchase of the game and ad-revenue generated during the game play will all go directly to TMA!!! The revenue created by the game will help us continue our conservation and reforestation work in the Jama-Coaque Reserve which will have a direct and long-lasting impact on curbing the negative effects of climate change. This type of creative and innovative thinking is something that the conservation world needs more of moving forward, and we’re incredibly proud of Chris and his team for making something so amazing a reality! We look forward to playing the game in the very near future!

You can learn more about Chris’s game ‘Forest of the Jama-Coaque” on their website here: http://abacagames.org/

Please make sure to sign up for early access to the game by filling out the short survey at the top of their website. The more early sign-ups they get the better chance they have at earning start-up money through the University of Michigan’s young entrepreneur program. 



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