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November 9-15, 2015

Bill 72 ppi

1. Bill Splitlip the Howler monkey prowls again! Although many of the howler monkeys are quite difficult to tell apart, given their uniform black coats with rust-colored fringes or “mantles”, a few do have distinct individual marks that allow us to tell them apart. “Bill Splitlip,” named for a healed injury to his upper lip, is one, and a female with pink dots on the sole of her foot is another.  Tracking these two will help us get a better idea of the behaviors and habitat usages of their respective troops.  We’re also glad to see Bill again and know he’s alive and well—the most recent confirmed sighting was back in Spring.

2. The new greenhouse is nearly finished being framed (in bamboo, of course), and will be a great addition to the growing abilities of the permaculture farm surrounding the Bamboo House. Seedlings that need a little extra TLC will be able to thrive in this protected area, and diversify what the farm can produce. Buen Provecho!

3. We recently encountered a troop of eight Ecuadorian white-fronted capuchins on the Escondido trail—what a treat! These rare, active monkeys are seen only intermittently at the reserve. Stay tuned for future news of sightings and developments in our efforts to study this endangered species!


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