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November 29-December 5, 2015

coati camera trap 72 ppi1. Coatis on Camera! : We are so excited to finally be able to test out our new camera traps! With the assistance of our ever-resourceful Head Ranger Marquez, we set up two platforms that serve as combination feeding station/camera traps. Although strategically located where capuchin monkeys have most often been sighted in an attempt to capture the elusive species on film, our first “guests” at the table have been coatis. We will continue to avidly monitor these stations and share updates.

2. A Jungle Thanksgiving: A little later than the official date of Thanksgiving, but well-timed to include Executive Director Ryan on his recent visit, reserve staff and interns celebrated Thanksgiving jungle-­style, with a bounty of fresh local foods and an attitude of gratitude for a Thanksgiving celebration in a unique setting, unlike any other before for most of us.

3. Eco-tourism Enterprises Explored: Co­-founder Isabel convened a meeting in the nearby community of Camarones to explore local residents’ interest in potentially launching small eco-tourism enterprises. Several residents expressed interest in starting a hostel, a bakery, transportation services, and nature trail guiding!

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