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March 2016

So it’s been a little while, which we apologize for! We’ve been busy with welcoming interns and staff transitions, but we’re back!

  1. Learn all about our new Science and Intern Manager on our Management Team page! Jennifer Navarra joined us in early March from Florida. Welcome to the team!Gray-backed Hawk
  2. An Endangered Gray-backed Hawk has been spending significant time hunting in and around the Bamboo House recently. This elusive raptor is usually seen flying overhead, but staff and interns have had the privilege of seeing one perched near the house quite frequently the past few weeks.
  3. With the annual rains finally here, we have begun our planting season in the Reserve. Our team planted another 1,500 coffee plants this year, which will be producing a lot of shade-grown coffee for the Reserve in another 2-3 years. In the upcoming seasons we will  be harvesting coffee from our original three year-old block, which we plan to use as a test run for a high quality coffee in Quito.
  4. We officially launched our first 2-week intensive Permaculture Design Certification course for the summer of 2016. This is the first opportunity for non-TMA interns to visit and learn on the Jama-Coaque Permaculture farm. In addition to time spent in our Reserve, participants will also visit three other incredible permaculture farms across Ecuador, including properties in the highlands and on the coast. Details on the course can be found on our website:
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