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January 3-9, 2016

Happy New Year! Our staff have returned to the Jama-Coaque Reserve, and are jumping to fill you in on the happenings!

14 jan intern group1. The latest interns have arrived! We’re excited to be launching our revised and updated internship program, and the Bamboo House is buzzing with activity as interns from the new Taste of the Tropics, Academic, and Professional Apprenticeship programs settle in for an exciting start to 2016.

2. We had a visitor! –Even before the systematic herpetology surveys started, a stunning two-meter plus Shropshire’s Puffing Snake (Pseustes shrophirei) was spotted on the Entrada Trail.  Stay tuned for updates as the formal surveys ensue…
14 jan shropshire's puffing snake

3. We enjoyed making a splash in the “Piscina Natural” (natural swimming hole) on Del Rio trail..complete with a natural waterslide!  It’s a favorite destination during Orientation and often revisited many times each session.



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