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January 24-30, 2016


1 feb Ryan1. Water system takes teamwork: Heavy rains disrupted the functioning of the reserve’s spring-box and sand filter water system recently, yielding the ironic situation of a (purified) water shortage right after a deluge of pouring rain! Executive Director Ryan lent a hand (and filled his boots!) alongside local TMA staff to sort out the problem and get the system flowing once again. Thanks team!
2. Water as a powerful force of nature, part two: When we hiked out to the ground nest of beautiful blue eggs discovered last week with plans of installing a camera trap to identify the species and track the progress of the eggs, we were disappointed, but not extremely surprised, to see thatthe eggs were gone without a trace. While we don’t know the cause for sure, we strongly suspect it was rain and/or predators such as feral pigs.
3. Congratulations PDC course graduates Winter 2016! Felicidades to Permaculture Operations Manager Finn and six hardworking Permaculture Design Course students. Two intense weeks of lectures, diverse hands-on activities, and a chance to design the reserve’s headquarters from scratch in the culminating design workshop lead to six new graduates and a greater appreciation for principles of permaculture in our daily lives.
4. Intern alumnus is starting her own Permaculture farm: Additional congratulations to TMA Intern alumnus (Spring 2015) Ilse van Duuren. She has recently launched a small permaculture farm in Colombia and would love to have visitors and volunteers! Feel free to check out her venture here.
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