January 10-16, 2016


  1. Rose-Faced Parrots!  Thursday’s hike had two themes—learning some native plants with Park Ranger Marquez and checking our camera traps.  We were ecstatic to spot three Rose-Faced Parrots (Pyrilia pulchra), a species we’ve been on the lookout for but hadn’t seen in months. We know it isn’t a great photo, but those suckers are quick movers!
  2. Field Trip:  TMA interns enjoyed a morning out to visit two eco-friendly neighboring organizations, Finca Mono Verde Organic Farm and Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve, both partners of TMA. As our reserve grows, we’ll be creating a conservation corridor between Jama-Coaque and Lalo Loor, giving our many residents a way to safely move between the two areas.
  3. Greenhouse awaiting first sprouts—the reserve’s huge new greenhouse was recently plowed into beds and planted by hardworking Permaculture interns with guidance from Finn Ellis, TMA’s Permaculture Operations Manager.  We’re looking forward to seeing things take off and get growing in there!

19 jan rose faced parrot

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