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The first herpetofauna survey of the Jama-Coaque Reserve was conducted in 2009 by our partner The Biodiversity Group (TBG). Over a five year period TBG visited the Reserve on an annual basis to carry out Visual Encounter Surveys (VES) across the entire Reserve to continue to add new species to the species list. After years of surveying the amphibians and reptiles of the Reserve we have now arrived at an impressive 47 reptile and 37 amphibian species in the Reserve. One of the many outcomes from this work is the creation of full color free downloadable field guides for the amphibians and reptiles of the Reserve. In addition to our work with TBG, we have also build a research and education relationship with collaborators at Universidad Catolica de Quito, the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, and Tropical Herping. Together with these partners we have collected important biological data on a number of rare and new species, and plan to describe our first new species of frog in 2017.


Free Downloadable Field Guides
Reptiles of the Jama-Coaque Reserve Field Guide
Amphibians of the Jama-Coaque Reserve Field Guide

  • Create and maintain species lists of amphibians and reptiles in the Jama-Coaque Reserve.
  • Record important biological data on rare and new species of reptiles and amphibians
  • Monitor population health of Threatened species over time
  • Determine habitat use of amphibians and reptiles
  • Document and describe species new to science
  • Create educational material for public use


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