Let there be light!

TMA is running an online campaign through GoFundMe to bring solar power to the Jama-Coaque Reserve. As we move toward our goal of being completely self-sustainable in the next ten years at the Reserve, we have been given the chance to purchase solar power at a discounted price from Nokero, a solar company that places emphasis on providing safe and environmentally-friendly solar products that eliminate the need for harmful and polluting fuels used for light and heat around the world.

There is no electricity at the Jama-Coaque Reserve. TMA is looking to purchase 20 lightbulbs, 20 battery chargers, and five solar panels from Nokero, at less than half the price of retail. Implementing these devices will give us the ability to charge batteries, phones, and cameras at the Reserve, allowing for more efficient use of time, as well as the ability to contact the outside world in case of an emergency. Cameras and charged batteries are an integral part of our research programs. Installing the lights in the kitchen and bathroom means no more cooking by candlelight, which is a potentially dangerous situation, or worrying about balancing a candle while taking care of business!

We are 75% towards our goal of $1000. Help us get the rest of the way, donate today! If you would like to make a contribution, click here. All donations are tax deductible in the U.S., as we are a registered 501(c)3.

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