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Third Millennium Alliance protects over 1,300 acres of threatened Pacific Equatorial Forests in our Jama-Coaque Reserve in Ecuador.

We depend on generous individuals like you to make our continued conservation work a reality!


Ways You Can Help

1.  Monetary Donation – Please visit our Donation Page for details.

2.  Ask your employer if they have a Matching Gift Program–it may double or even triple your personal gift. Some also match gifts from retirees and their spouses. Check to see just what your giving policy entails.

3.  FOLLOW and SHARE our profiles on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

4.  Follow our work and fundraising drives by signing up for our Newsletter.

5.  PRINT and POST our Tropical Internship Posters on your campus or at your workplace to help us attract new and enthusiastic interns to our program. Download a PDF version of either of the posters by right clicking HERE and/ or HERE and saving the document to your desktop.

6. Include TMA in your estate plan. If you are interested in adding TMA to your or your families estate plan please contact us at: Including TMA in your families estate plan honors your family with the gift of pristine protected forests, clean air, and clean water.

7.  Become a corporate sponsor – We welcome partnership opportunities with likeminded companies interested in supporting our work. If you are interested in learning more about how your company can support Third Millennium Alliance, please contact us at:

8.  Hold a fundraiser at your home or office for TMA. We can provide you will a beautiful powerpoint presentation full of photos from the Jama-Coaque Reserve and background information about our work so you can share our story with your family and friends. Our efficient use of donations towards on-the-ground projects ensures that even the smallest fundraiser goes a long way! If interested please contact Ryan Lynch at:

9. Donate gear to our growing biological research station. We can always use new and quality used equipment. Some examples of equipment we need can be found on our Amazon wishlist here:

10.  Add Third Millennium Alliance to your AMAZON SMILE account and Amazon donates 0.5% of everything you purchase on to us!  Just click below:


11. If you sell anything on ebay you can elect to donate any percent of your earnings to TMA via Ebay for Charity. Click the image below, select Third Millennium Alliance, choose the percent you would like to donate, and then make your sale!

Image result for ebay charity

12. Offset your carbon footprint with us using the below carbon calculator. Your carbon offsetting funds will go directly towards reforestation activities and the purchase and protection of tropical coastal forest in Ecuador. You can calculate your carbon footprint below or use an average annual individual carbon spending: The average US household produces between 13-20 tons of carbon per year, or 5-7 tons per person. At an average of $4-6/ ton of CO2 produced, the average consumer would require a donation of around $30/ year to offset their carbon footprint.  Once you have determined your carbon spending you can  simply visit our ‘DONATE‘ page to donate the correct dollar amount.

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