Accommodation & Cost

All visitors to the Jama-Coaque Reserve are provided with room and board at the rustic yet well-received “Bamboo House” Research Station. Airy and quite large, the Bamboo House has often been described by visitors as possessing a distinct “Robinson Crusoe” charm.

Basic Amenities

Beds have good mattresses and mosquito netting. The living areas are well-supplied with hammocks that command a beautiful view of the valley, as do the shower and the bathroom. The water comes from a pristine mountain stream, filtered through a slow-sand filtration device, and is perfectly safe to drink; it may be the best water you’ve ever tasted.


Although exceptions can be made, usually there is not a separate cooking staff. Rather, everyone shares cooking and dish cleaning duties, in the style of communal living. The kitchen is fully stocked. The quality of food is almost always a very pleasant surprise for visitors. We eat fresh, try to eat as local as possible, and we make a conscious effort to cater to individual dietary restrictions. Carnivores and vegetarians and vegans are all welcome, although if you are vegan you will probably need to supply yourself with some food amenities, and if you are especially carnivorous you will need to shift your attention to dairy, eggs, and occasionally fish; red meat is rarely eaten on-site.


The Research Station is “off-the-grid.” Currently, the only form of electricity is a single Goal Zero solar panel, which is only strong enough to occasionally recharge small batteries and the emergency phone. At night we use candles and head lamps. Batteries and electrical equipment can be regularly re-charged at our off-site work station in the nearby community of Camarones, which is 3 km away by road; there is daily foot traffic by staff members between the two sites. Note: We are soliciting help in acquiring additional energy sources such as additional solar panels or a micro-hydro power generator. Please contact Katherine Theus, Director of Development & Communications, if you are able to provide help in either of these two areas.


Please review the JCR Rates&Reservations 2015 document for current pricing.

*Discounts available for larger groups – please contact us for a quote.