Permaculture Design Course – PDC

Permaculture is a land management system that consciously and synergistically integrates agriculture and social design principles into the native ecosystem. It offers a practical and creative approach to the problems of diminishing resources and threatened life support systems the world now faces. The core principles of each of these systems is to care for the earth, care for people, conserve, and produce surplus.

Our Permaculture Design Certificate Course is designed to provide an excellent hands on educational opportunity for students looking to learn more about Permaculture Design, regenerative agriculture systems, and sustainable community development. In our Permaculture Design Certificate Course students will learn and participate in nursery management, organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, tropical agroforestry, water catchment, grey water systems, vermiculture, composting, sustainable land management, ecological construction, and appropriate technology just to mention a few. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience four very distinct Permaculture farms during our PDC, ranging from a CSA farm and urban farm in the highlights of Quito, to a multi-generational farm on the coast, and a dynamic permaculture and agroforestry project located in the heart of a 1,400 acre ecological reserve. Our 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) is an invaluable international certification course which is taught through the standardized curriculum originally developed by the co-founders of the Permaculture concept, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

TMA Tropical Permaculture Tour of Ecuador

Course Calendar

PDC 2017: 

June 30th – July 16th, 2017

Suggested Arrival Time to Quito: June 27 – 29th

Farm Sites Visited

Finca Palugo: Outside Quito

June 30th – July 3rd

Travel Day

July 4th

Finca Sarita: Calceta, Manabi

July 5th – 9th  

Jama-Coaque Reserve: Jama, Manabi

July 9th – 16th  


Early Bird Registration:  $1,000

* Deposit due before May 15th, 2017

Late Registration:  $1,250

Latin American Citizens:  $800

* Limited Space Available

* $300 non-refundable deposit required  (see below for payment instructions)

* Airfare not included

Course Instructors

Our teachers are highly trained and have years of experience working on a diversity of Permaculture projects around the world. Their mentorship throughout the classroom and field-based activities that make up our PDC will provide you with the skill sets necessary to instill a healthy and sustainable change in your life.

Nick Slobodian: Lead Instructor – Third Millennium Alliance

Finn Ellis: Co-Instructor – Third Millennium Alliance

Servio Pachard: Co-Instructor – Finca Sarita

Team Palugo (Michael Dammer, Marcela Restrepo, Mathias Dammer, Nicole Marchan, Tomas Dammer, Marcela Macinnis): Co-Instructors – Finca Palugo/ Nahual

Additional Information

* Course will be taught in English and Spanish, with translations when necessary.

* Instructors can assist students in obtaining academic credit if desired.

* The proceeds from these courses will be used to support our community based agroforestry initiative in coastal Ecuador.

Downloadable Information Packet

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Pay Your Tuition By Fundraising
There are a number of options available for fundraising for our PDC, but one of our favorites is  WeTheTrees is an easy to use online crowdfunding website specifically designed to help individuals pursue Permaculture educational opportunities around the world. To learn more follow the link below:   Fundraise your course tuition with WeTheTrees!
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