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This year TMA celebrates its Ten Year Anniversary! Exactly ten years ago a group of three passionate conservationists decided to form Third Millennium Alliance with the sole mission of tackling the overwhelming issue of deforestation in coastal Ecuador. Thanks to a dedicated network of supporters and donors, what started as a small 90 acre piece of protected forest has since turned into the impressive and continually growing 1,400 acre Jama-Coaque Ecological Reserve!

As we dive into the next ten years of conservation work in coastal Ecuador, we are again looking for your generous support!

This page highlights the most important projects for the coming years and the financial commitment necessary to make them a reality. Your financial support will enable TMA to continue protecting one of the planet’s most threatened and special ecosystems and educating the next generations of young conservationists!
Some of the highlight accomplishments from TMA’s first ten years include:
    • We have purchased 15 different properties of previously unprotected forest, which together now represent one of the largest tracts of protected forest in coastal Ecuador
    • We have planted over 20,000 trees on previously deforested land
    • We are the first International Verified Conservation Area in all of Ecuador
    • We have built partnerships with two of the most influential conservation organizations in the world: IUCN Netherlands and SavingSpecies
    • We protect the highest number of threatened bird species of any Important Bird Area in Ecuador (#1 out of 109 IBAs!)
    • We have discovered numerous species in the Jama-Coaque Reserve that have never been discovered before, anywhere on earth

Help us make the next ten years even better than the first by helping us achieve our fundraising goal below!


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Help us rebuild our kitchen in the Jama-Coaque Reserve to serve a growing number of national and international students, interns, researchers, and volunteers. Our original kitchen, that was built when only a handful of volunteers we’re participating in our internship, was damaged in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Ecuador in April of 2016. To serve the now more than 80 visitors that come to the Reserve each year we plan to rebuild the entire kitchen to be a larger more comfortable space for cooking all of the amazing food that is prepared in the Bamboo House.

After many quality years the thatch roof on the Bamboo House is finally ready to be replaced. We have spent the past few months designing an incredible new roof with bamboo architects from Ecuador, and are looking forward to installing a brand new and stunning roof on the Bamboo House immediately. The new roof is designed to provide many more years of protection from the tropical rains and will set an example for what quality bamboo architecture looks like.

In 2017 TMA took a big step forward and installed a micro-hydroelectric turbine in the Camarones River of the Jama-Coaque Reserve. This turbine now provides much needed energy in the Bamboo House for recharging batteries, laptops, and field equipment. Unfortunately we learned that during the peak dry season we didn’t have enough water volume to provide sufficient power for all of our energy needs. To maximize the impact of this initial green energy investment we now need to purchase a series of deep-cycle batteries and a power invertor. With this final investment in our energy system the Bamboo House will take another big step forward as top research destination and set the example for how a remote research and education center can grow and make a positive impact all while being 100% sustainable.


A key part of TMA’s success is dependent on the involvement and commitment of local community members. In 2012 TMA ran a community education program that focused on helping local kids with their homework, learning English, and teaching them themes related to the environment and conservation. Starting in 2018 TMA plans to launch a new and exciting Youth Scholarship program that will be made available to select local youth who are interested in advancing their careers by going to university – something that is extremely rare for the youth of Camarones. By assisting local youth with the financial barriers of attending university, we will be making a powerful and long-lasting impact on the future generations of Camarones.

At the start of 2018 TMA will be opening the doors to Ecuador’s first international Bird Observatory – The Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory!   The Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory will be home to a top-notch research and education program that is aimed at studying bird populations and teaching field research skills necessary to pursue a career in Ornithology. No similar program exists in Ecuador, so we are incredibly excited to be able to provide such an important and desired opportunity for national and international students and researchers alike.

The Cacao tree is the key ingredient to everyone’s favorite dessert – Chocolate! The heirloom variety of cacao known as Nacional Cacao is the world’s oldest and most endangered cacao variety. Unfortunately this heirloom variety is on the brink of extinction due to centuries of disease and hybridization. TMA is working with the world’s finest dark chocolate maker To’ak (co-founded by TMA founder Jerry Toth) to bring Nacional Cacao back from the brink of extinction by breeding, planting, and managing some of the only 100% genetically pure nacional cacao trees in the world. The objectives of this project are to preserve the most ancient and endangered variety of cacao in the world, demonstrate environmentally friendly agroforestry practices, create sustainable job opportunities for local farmers, and to convert the Jama-Coaque Reserve and its surroundings into one of the most premier cacao appellations in the world.


During all of TMA’s ten year history working in remote coastal Ecuador our entire staff has traveled by public bus. For those who have experienced this form of travel, you know that the public buses are neither quick nor comfortable. As we have grown over the years, the need for a work vehicle has become more and more apparent. Not only will a work vehicle allow our staff and interns to travel more comfortably, but it will also dramatically increase our ability to tackle projects more time and cost efficiently.

As the Jama-Coaque Reserve continues to grow in size, our need to hire more park rangers becomes increasingly important. Park rangers are the guardians charged with protecting the flora and fauna of the Reserve and serve as important links to local communities. With funding already secured for continued land purchase across the Jama-Coaque Conservation Corridor, it is now our responsibility to fund the park rangers that will protect it into the future. In 2018 we plan to launch a unique Ranger Sponsorship program that will help us employ local citizens as guardians of the Jama-Coaque Reserve. For only $5,000/ year we are able to employ a full-time park ranger in the Reserve. This small investment is one of the most powerful ways to ensure long-term protection of everything we have worked so hard to create over the past 10 years.

In 2015 TMA became one of the first conservation organizations to purchase and employ the use of drone technology in Ecuador. With the help of expert colleagues and collaborators TMA has continued to set the example in the use of remote sensing technology and mapping software. Moving forward we are planning to continue this trend by expanding our toolset through the purchase of a Tuffwing UAV remote controlled airplane for mapping and monitoring the entire Jama-Coaque Reserve. Having access to this new technology will allow us to cover more ground in a shorter period of time and will also put us in a position to contract our mapping services to other conservation organizations working in Ecuador.

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Help us reach our $100,000 goal by donating to the general fund or supporting one of the specific projects highlighted above. Every donation counts and helps us continue our mission of protecting and restoring the last remnants of the Pacific Ecuadorian Forest!

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