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Below you will find all of the information necessary for applying to our internship programs. Before applying, please be sure to read and complete each of the four documents available below. Our application procedure has been created to make this process as efficient as possible, but if you have questions please let us know.
The application to our internship program has three parts (please download the first using the provided link):
  • Application Form (in Word Doc )
  • A 1-2 page cover lever explaining your interests/ passions, what you hope to get out of our program, previous applicable experiences (banding, birding, traveling, tropical field work, etc.), how this internship fits into your life plan or helps prepare you for the future, and any other pertinent information about yourself that you’d like to share with us.
  • Your CV or Resume (in MS Word or pdf)


Please submit your application to TMA (Info@tmalliance.org). The subject of your application email should read as follows: “APPLICATION – Internship Length/ Start Date (Your Name)”. For example: “APPLICATION -Taste of the Tropics Jan. 4th (John Doe)”. Don’t forget to attach the completed application form, cover letter, and resume/ CV. Please make sure to let us know if you wish to participate in any seasonally available workshop listed on our website.
IMPORTANT: To ensure we do not spend unnecessary time reviewing incomplete applications, we ask that you type the following into the body of your email. If you can’t honestly commit to all three statements, then please sit tight and keep us in mind until you are ready and able:
  • I will be available during the program dates for which I am applying.
  • I can afford the program fee.
  • I am seriously interested in this program.


After we review your application, if you are accepted to the program, we will send you an invitation email with instructions on how to make your first deposit. In this email we will also give you an acceptance deadline – usually 1-2 weeks after your invitation or at latest six weeks before the internship start date.
We will hold your spot without deposit until your acceptance deadline, at which time a deposit is required to reserve your spot. Without a deposit by the application deadline, we will open the spot to other applicants.
Most applications are received within a few days and processed within a week. Since we do not have internet in the Reserve we ask that you please be patient with our management team’s response time. We will respond to each and every email as soon as possible.


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