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Third Millennium Alliance is dedicated to offering young scientists from around the world an affordable and high-quality learning adventure in the Neotropics. Our Internship and Seasonal Field Course programs are designed to provide a unique opportunity to gain practical field skills by participating in intensive, hands-on research – all while living in beautiful tropical rainforest environments. With the establishment of TMA’s flagship research program, El Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque (OAJC, aka The Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory), in late 2017, these internships have taken a unique and delightfully birdy turn. As in our previous internship offerings, we still ensure participants experience all steps of the scientific process and issues relating to applied conservation. Now, however, we also provide additional focus on developing technical and in-demand skillsets such as mist-netting and bird banding, not to mention a much more hands-on experience with tropical wildlife! We are also more committed than ever to providing budding Ecuadorian scientists with affordable and accessible learning experiences. After spending a month or more participating in a TMA internship, students and scientists will return home equipped with all the tools necessary to excel in graduate school and/or careers in science and conservation. We look forward to you joining our team soon!


“Ever since I was a kid the rainforest has attracted me. TMA’s internship allowed me to live for two months entirely in a tropical forest – one with noisy monkeys, elegant ocelots, margays, and a smorgasbord of surprises and wildlife! Living off the grid in the picturesque Bamboo House was liberating. I never thought I could be so happy with so little fluff. It was great to spend so much time with the other interns who quickly became great friends, and the intern-coordinators were simply inspirational. My life a year later is still very influenced by them. The living conditions of the tropical forest aren’t for everyone but I wouldn’t trade my experience with TMA for anything. It’s not every day you get to live your childhood fantasy!” – Chris Karounos, TMA Science Intern, 2014
“I was a intern with Third Millennium Alliance in the summer of 2014, and had an absolutely wonderful experience! This organization does great work protecting some of the last vestiges of coastal rain forest, while working closely with communities and supporting reforestation efforts. They offer great internships for conservation and sustainable agriculture, and their dynamic approach is constantly evolving with the influx of diverse interns and coordinators. I would definitely return!” – TMA Science Intern, 2014
TMA is an amazing organisation, doing a fantastic job protecting one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. These guys passion is unbelievable! As an intern at the reserve I had an amazing time, an experience that really changed my life. I really hope to be back one day!” – Claudia Santori, TMA Science Intern, 2015
I spent two months in the Jama-Coaque Reserve with Third Millennium Alliance as a biological research intern and absolutely LOVED the experience. I picked the organization because it was small and had ambitious (but promising) plans. During my short stay on the reserve TMA acquired another section to add to the protected area, which was very exciting. It is very inspiring to see how such a small number of people can make such a big difference in the world and I felt privileged to have the opportunity to accompany them on their mission. I highly recommend TMA to conservation & nature enthusiasts who want to be part of active conservation work. You have to be willing to live rustic – for me, living in the rainforest was actually one of the highlights!” – TMA Science Intern, 2015







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