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The focus of Third Millennium Alliance’s conservation work is to protect and connect the remaining remnants of Pacific Ecuadorian Forest through strategic and targeted land purchase. To date TMA has made 15 different land purchases to establish the Jama-Coaque Reserve. Today the Jama-Coaque Reserve protects more than 1,400 acres of critically threatened forest, which provides habitat for a growing list of rare, threatened, and new species of plant and animal. Third Millennium Alliance is dedicated to continuing the expansion of the Jama-Coaque Reserve through land purchase over the coming years with assistance from partner organizations and institutions.
 “The forests of western Ecuador are one of the most severely-threatened areas on earth in terms of biological extinction as a result of deforestation and other activities of humans.” –  C.H Dodson and A.H. Gentry 1991
 “These forests that once covered vast areas of the coastal region and were home to an enormous wealth and diversity of species are now a dispersed chain of remnants under constant threat and facing an uncertain future. The moist forests of western Ecuador have now lost more than 1500 km2 and are continuing to disappear at one of the highest rates in the world….At present, the coastal cordillera region has only small patches of remnant forest, which are now subjected to the edge effect.” – WWF 2001




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