Past Intern Publishes Natural History Note

We're excited to share a short natural history publication that past intern Alex Wendt published in the scientific journal Herpetological Review. Alex spent two months in the Jama-Coaque Reserve searching for reptiles and amphibians, and encountered a new species for the Reserve's species list with his pit-fall trap study. We expected this species was present

Endangered Brown Wood Turtle Found in Forest

Discovery alert! While on the Aguas Frias trail, TMA staff members Hannah and Marquez and intern Cassandra came across an injured Brown Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys annulate), considered Endangered in Ecuador. This little guy was found at approximately 500 meters in altitude, and got a free stay at the Bamboo House during his two-day nursing period.

Ocelot Spotted by Intern

Late Summer Intern Julie Steinke spotted an ocelot while out doing fieldwork recently! Her account of the sighting: "September 19, 2013, 3:30 pm: I was walking as silently as possible one afternoon through one of my transects that runs through a creek in a pasture near the reserve, looking for reptiles and amphibians, when I rounded

Juvenile Red-masked parakeet discovered in forest

BIG NEWS! Kevin Vaca, who is Field Operation Manager Uver Vaca's cousin, discovered a juvenile Red-masked parakeet in the forest last week! These birds, which are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Redlist, are often captured and kept as pets. The bird found was too young to fly, and had most likely fallen out

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