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The Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory conducts a number of long-term research and conservation projects side-by-side with Ecuadorian and international interns, students, and researchers. Ongoing work includes:
  • Population monitoring of migrant and breeding birds
  • Collecting detailed information on habitat use
  • Documenting migration patterns
  • Collecting detailed biological data, e.g., phenology of molting and reproductive cycles
  • Describing new methods to age resident species • Studying elevational and seasonal movements along a forest gradient
  • Evaluating impacts of reforestation and agroforestry initiatives on wildlife
  • Tracking successional changes from early seral growth through forest maturation
  • Documenting and predicting effects of climate change
  • Identifying local extinction and colonization events in a forest “island”
  • Describing hummingbird interaction (pollination) networks.
  • Studying nesting ecology to promote conservation of endangered parakeets and other cavity-nesters.
If you are interested in learning more or participating/collaborating on these projects or others, please contact OAJC to get involved!
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