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2310, 2017

Grand Opening – Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory

Third Millennium Alliance and Grupo Ecológico Jama-Coaque are pleased to announce the launch of Ecuador’s first official bird observatory dedicated to long-term, year-round avian conservation and research! El Observatorio de Aves Jama-Coaque (OAJC), also known as the Jama-Coaque Bird Observatory, is our newest endeavor in the Jama-Coaque Reserve and will officially open with our January 8th internship session!

OAJC’s main organizational objectives are to spread appreciation and awareness of avian conservation, conduct intensive research and monitoring on breeding birds and neotropical migrants, provide capacity- building experiences, and stimulate local economies and environmental stewardship. We achieve these goals through a combination of hands-on science, intensive educational experiences, partnerships, and public outreach. Research objectives at OAJC include describing hummingbird pollination networks, developing new aging and sexing techniques for birds of the western lowlands, monitoring population trends, documenting survival rates, studying seasonal movements between along an elevational gradient, and much more!

One of our biggest dreams at OAJC is to help conserve the region’s many threatened species. OAJC and the Jama-Coaque Reserve are part of the Hacienda Camarones Important Bird Area (IBA) which, with 22 IUCN Red List species, holds the highest number of threatened bird species out of all 109 IBAs in Ecuador! At the observatory, we will be collecting detailed data on demographic trends, population statuses, undescribed biological/ecological traits, and much more for each of these threatened species. These data will then be used to inform management decisions in the reserve and to advance conservation of these species across their ranges.

Of course, these are some ambitious endeavors, so naturally we here at TMA and OAJC are always looking for new partners and support of all forms and sizes! Much of the work conducted at OAJC will be conducted by teams of TMA staff members and both Ecuadorian and international interns. However, we’re also extending invitations to researchers, students, and bird lovers to come join us! If you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved, or if you’d like to participate in an OAJC internship, please reach out to OAJC’s Director, Mike Ellis, on our Management Team page.

Happy birding!

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