Board of Directors

We are currently actively recruiting for our Advisory Board. If you are interested in joining our team, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to Ryan Lynch, Research Director.

Isabel Davila, TMA's CEO & Director of Ecology, and one of its three founders.

Isabel Davila

A B.S. in International Commerce and an MBA from Universidad del Mar de Chile, Ísabel became interested in conservation after volunteering for an Italian NGO in 2006. Inspired by The Permaculture Manifesto, Ísabel began dreaming about a project that would show potential of human development through nature in the rain forests of her home country of Ecuador. Originally from Quito, she returned to Ecuador the following year and co-founded TMA. She was the principal architect of the Bamboo House, and helped to establish the Jama-Coaque Reserve (JCR) in the Pacific Equatorial Forests of Manabí. Ísabel is now living in Venezuela, where she is developing the implementation of two permaculture-based Sustainable Villages as economic initiatives for nature conservation and conscious tourism.
Bryan Criswell, TMA's Director of Research, and one of its three founders.

Bryan Criswell

B.S. in Rangeland Ecology with a Concentration in Restoration Ecology at Colorado State University; studied Tropical Ecology and Spanish at the Universidad Veritas in San José, Costa Rica. Bryan has worked as a field ecologist extensively throughout the versatile terrain of California, from the Redwood forests to the dry Chaparral, for an environmental consulting firm in Northern California, and is certified in permaculture design. Bryan currently spends most of his time working in Northern California, but spend at least a month in JCR each year.
Jerry Toth, TMA's Director of Conservation, and one of its three founders.

Jerry Toth

Studied economics at the London School of Economics and Cornell University (B.A. '00), and briefly worked in investment banking on Wall Street before relocating to South America. After traveling through most of the continent, he founded Third Millennium Alliance with Isabel and Bryan and established the Jama-Coaque Reserve in 2007. The Reserve expanded from 100 acres to 1,000 acres during his five-year tenure as Director of Conservation. His current priority is strengthening TMA staff and integrating local community members into the management of the Jama-Coaque Reserve at all levels. One of Jerry’s favorite roles in the Reserve is the design and management of the experimental food forest, in which over 50 different species of tropical food trees are thriving in less than one hectare of area.