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Third Millennium Alliance hires new team members for a variety of jobs numerous times a year. If you are an enthusiastic and driven individual interested in the fields of Tropical Ecology, Conservation, Permaculture, and Agroecology, please consider applying to one of our jobs in the future. To learn more about our work please review the rest of our website and follow us on social media.


No positions are available at this time.



1. Media Production Expert: We are looking for an individual(s) interested in collaborating with our team to produce a variety of media products this year. We have a number of extremely exciting projects in the works in the Jama-Coaque Reserve and would like to produce a series of short films, photographic stories, and blog entries. Interested collaborators should have a passion for conservation storytelling and experience with the production of media from the design phase through the final product. Example backgrounds we are looking for include: film maker, art director, photojournalist, media producer, journalist, documentary producer, storyteller. We are looking for someone that is interested in collaborating in a mutually beneficial way, where the production of TMA media both expands our recognition and network, and helps build a dynamic production portfolio for themselves.  Ideally we are looking for someone that desires to collaborate with TMA and offer their skill set free of cost, at a reduced non-profit price, or as a work exchange.




Job opportunities